Edge Armor

Edge Armor/Edge Armor Bendable Foam

Edge Armor is a unique dual density packaging design in flexible polyethylene foam intended for products with thin, vulnerable edges. We combined soft cushioning foam for shock protection with a high-density core to keep your product firmly in place during shipment. Flexible, amazingly tough polyethylene foam is without question the best material for packaging weighty or easily damaged goods.

Edge Armor is flexible enough to go around corner bends with ease!

Our slip-on edge protectors provide unmatched protection for:

  • Molded Fiberglass items such as custom car accessories, aircraft parts, and camper shells
  • Metal products with thin, vulnerable edges
  • Glass panels
  • Delicate wood products such as picture frames and shelving

Best of all, it is available in custom sizes and foam densities to fit your requirements. The illustration below shows how the size and construction can be altered to suit your particular product. Low minimums, modest cost, and lightning-fast turnaround times.